Korea Seoul Tower Night

Korea Seoul Tower Night

Korea Seoul Tower Night

Korea Seoul Tower Night

At night I returned to Seoul Tower to see the nighttime view of the city. This time I didn’t pay to go up the tower and just checked out the free views from around the tower’s base. The skyscraper district just north of Seoul Tower was shining brightly and I could see all the way to the towers of Gangnam that night, though my camera was having difficulty focusing at that range.

I was sitting around on the stairs in the plaza area when a guy with an acoustic guitar set up a chair and began playing. He reminded me a lot of a friend of mine who plays guitar and his music added a nice ambience to the night. Before he started playing I was almost ready to get up and leave but with his music I felt compelled to stay a little longer. For another 20 or so minutes I was just hanging out, taking in the sight of Seoul at night with a guitar playing in the background. When I finally did leave I made sure to drop a large tip into his guitar case as thanks for making the night that much better.

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