Seoul Korea Milkis Soda

Perhaps my favorite Korean beverage is a soda called Milkis. You can find Milkis in stores and vending machines all over Korea and it’s made with milk to give it a creamy taste. Milkis comes in eight different flavors and my personal pick is classic Milkis, which I think is labeled as milk and yogurt flavor. I realize that milk soda might not sound all that appetizing but if you’re ever in Korea (or another country where Milkis is sold) I’d encourage you to purchase a bottle or can and give it a try.

The photo in today’s post is of a bottle of Milkis I was drinking while eating street food in Myeong-dong. I don’t know what “New feeling of soda beverage” means but it was good drink to have with all the stuff I ate that night.

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