Japan Matsue Calpis Soda

While I was staying in Matsue I tried out another Japanese drink that I had never seen before. This one was called Calpis Soda and it has a milky flavor that is very similar to Milkis Soda. Apparently Calpis was created in the 1900s by a Japanese man who experienced a milk-based beverage in the Mongolian region of northern China. He wanted to create his own version of it and a few years later Calpis was born. I liked Milkis, so it’s no surprise that I liked Calpis too. Apparently Calpis is sold under the name Calpico here in North America, so at some point I should see if it is available in my area. Drinking a bottle would definitely bring back memories of my 2019 trip across Japan and Korea.

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