Japan Takamatsu Chichiyasu Milk Coffee

While I was waiting for the next bus to take me from Yashima back down to the main part of Takamatsu I got a can of coffee from a vending machine near the bus stop. The brand that I bought was Chichiyasu Milk Coffee, which I had first seen on The Flying Tofu’s blog prior to my 2019 trip. Coffee normally isn’t something I enjoy but Chichiyasu is coffee combined with milk and a whole lot of sweetener, and hence I found it much tastier than normal coffee. I know there’s also a milk tea version of Chichiyasu but I don’t think I had it while I was in Japan. Whenever I’m next able to travel over there I really need to do a more thorough job documenting all the Japanese beverages that you can buy from stores and vending machines.


    1. Whenever I travel to Japan I have to budget a bit of money for all the vending machine drinks that I end up buying. There’s so many good things available and the vending machines are really convenient.

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