I’m back! The last few weeks have been really busy, and honestly I needed to take a break from publishing, but I’m now ready to resume chronicling my 2019 journey across Japan and Korea. At this point we are about 80% of the way through the trip and my goal is to publish 2-4 posts per week. We’ll pick up the story at the start of my time in Kyoto, which will take several weeks to cover since I did a ton of sightseeing there.

Japan Kyoto Tower

Having finished my expedition to Amanohashidate, I returned to Kyoto Station to collect my backpack and get settled in the city. It was after nightfall when I arrived in Kyoto and upon exiting the station I was greeted by the sight of Kyoto Tower. This tower is the tallest building in Kyoto and has an observation deck near the top. I’ve never been up to the observation deck on either of my visits to the city but if I’m ever back in Kyoto and have some spare time I’m thinking that I’ll go up there just to give it a try.

From Kyoto Station I took a bus over to the Gion District, which would be my home base for the five nights that I would be in Kyoto. The Gion is in the eastern part of town and is home to numerous traditional wooden buildings, giving the neighborhood and nice ambiance. I took some photos of the Gion while I was in Kyoto but they’re a bit later in the timeline so you’re going to have to wait a while for those.

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