Japan Kyoto Yasaka Pagoda

At night I went back out into the Higashiyama District and I was able to get a nice photo of the road that leads up to Yasaka Pagoda. During the day this area is normally crowded with visitors but that night it was just me and a few other photographers that were getting some nighttime photos of Kyoto. The other cameramen had much more professional setups than I did but my little Sony A6000 camera and GorillaPod were able to get the job done and capture the photo that I wanted. If you’re in Kyoto and anywhere near the Higashiyama or Gion districts it’s really worth it to head out at night and see these parts of the city after most of the tourists crowds have left.

This is actually going to be the final post that I’m publishing for the year 2021. Originally I wasn’t going to publish anything today but as I was looking at my calendar and the remaining photos from Kyoto this shot seemed like a good stopping place. I’ll be taking a break from publishing for the final two weeks of December, and probably the first few days of January as well. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the photos and stories that I’ve published so far and I look forward to sharing more with you early next year.

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