Japan Takayama Sugar Margarine Toast

During my journey across Japan and Korea I encountered many unusual items while shopping in local grocery stores and one of the oddest things was the sugar margarine toast that I found in a store in Takayama. If you’ve been to Japan you know that the Japanese have a habit of individually wrapping lots of things (see my previous post on individually wrapped bananas) and by the time I was in Takayama I thought I thought I had seen it all but I was wrong. A single piece of bread that already has margarine and sugar applied to it really takes the Japanese obsession with individually wrapped products to a whole new level.

Side note: I didn’t buy this individually wrapped piece of sugar margarine toast, but on several occasions while in Japan I did toast some bread and put butter/margarine and sugar on it. If you try doing this yourself you might hear a strange noise in the distance. That’s the sound of every single personal trainer within 20 miles of you screaming out in horror at what you’re about to ingest.

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