Japan Matsumoto Castle Arrival

My tour of Nagoya Castle delayed my departure from Nagoya into the afternoon and it took about two hours to reach my next destination, Matsumoto. Immediately after I stepped off the train at Matsumoto Station the cold mountain air hit me and I realized that I would need to layer up in order to stay warm. Matsumoto is the second largest city in the mountainous Nagano Prefecture and my hostel was located right by one of the city’s main attractions, Matsumoto Castle. I would only be staying a single night in Matsumoto but I only had a few places that I wanted to visit and the plan was to see all of them the following morning. That evening I scouted out my sightseeing destinations while on a trip to a supermarket. As I was walking around I was struck by how pleasant of a town Matsumoto is. A single day was going to be sufficient for my sightseeing but I was already wishing that I could stay longer.

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