Japan Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Bridge

At night I went down to Odaiba, which is an artificial island in Tokyo Bay that I like to visit when I want to get away from the main part of the city. During my early September visit to Tokyo I had scouted out a photo spot on one of the other artificial islands connected to Odaiba that had a great view of Rainbow Bridge, but that time I had forgotten to bring my Gorillapod and I couldn’t capture the nighttime photo that I wanted. When I was back on Odaiba at the end of November I made to bring my equipment and I finally got the shot I had envisioned previously. It was a cloudy night and the rain was coming down off-and-on but the view of the bridge in the foreground with the city skyline in the background was fantastic. The orange spike you see on the right side of the photo is Tokyo Tower. Had the rain not started coming down harder I would have stuck around at that spot for another half hour or so.

Japan Tokyo Odaiba Rainbow Bridge

Before leaving Odaiba I captured another view of Rainbow Bridge and the Tokyo skyline. The view from Odaiba is nice during the day but I think it’s better at night.

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