Japan Enoshima

It was getting into the late afternoon as I got close to the Sea Candle tower in the middle of Enoshima. I had already gone up the tower during my September visit to Enoshima, and since the weather wasn’t that great I decided to skip it this time.

Japan Enoshima

Japan Enoshima

Japan Enoshima

Looking at my watch, I realized that I needed to start the trek back to Tokyo so I began walking down towards the bridge connecting the island to the mainland. I kept a steady pace but paused a couple times to take in the view.

Japan Enoshima Ice Cream

Back down on the shopping street I stopped again for ice cream, because I have a hard time saying no to ice cream. This particular cone was mix of two flavors: Hokkaido Milk (white) and soda (blue). Of the two I liked the Hokkaido Milk a bit more.

Japan Enoshima

Then it was time to cross the bridge back to the mainland. As I walked across I kept turning around and looking back at Enoshima. One of these days I’ll return to this charming little island and see it all again.

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