About two months ago, a guy I know marked the two year anniversary since he had done a writing project whereby he wrote 100,000 words of fiction within a two month period. Inspired by this, I’ve been meaning to do my own writing project, though on a significantly smaller scale. What I decided upon was to do a week of blogging in which I would have to do one post a day for seven days. These would be short posts since I have limited time for writing with my normal schedule, but even this will be a challenge since most of my posts take days or weeks to hammer out with plenty of spontaneous ideas and revisions occurring. I don’t know exactly when I will start this, but I am thinking sometime around April 30. The topics have already been planned out, which I know is kind of cheating, but I needed to do that in order to have any chance of pulling this off. To be fair, I have not written a single word of any of the posts and will not write any posts ahead of their scheduled days. I’m not sure how this will turn out, but if nothing else it should be a worthwhile challenge.

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