About a week ago, I was talking to another guy, and, seemingly out of nowhere the conversation turned to my facial appearance. He told me that I look like I could be in a biker gang, except for one thing. “It’s your eyes” he told me. He said that my eyes were way too warm and friendly looking for him to believe that I was any sort of rough individual. It would seem that my face is trying to look like a badass, but my eyes tell a different story. With my Mohawk and slowly lengthening goatee, I guess I can understand why someone might think I’m some sort of hard man, though, at only 5’7’’, I think the only people that I intimidate are small children. I also don’t have any tattoos, which I’m pretty sure are a prerequisite for actually being a part of a biker gang or any group of tough guys.
Eyes are something I haven’t thought about much until the last year or so. Mine are brown, which seems to be toward the bottom end of popular eye colors in our society. That said, a few weeks ago a coworker of mine told me that I had the most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen, so I suppose this is one of those “eye of the beholder” sorts of things (no pun intended). From what I hear, there is some level of credibility to the old saying about your eyes being the window of your soul. I guess a week ago that guy took a look inside, and I can’t deny that I want his impression to be right.

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