The other day I was rereading some of my previous work and came across a post (found here) from 2014 where I discussed my disappointing experience with the Medal of Honor game from 2010. It was intended to be the first post in a series of three but I never added any more posts to the series and I feel I would be negligent for not giving an (overdue) explanation. Simply put, in the weeks following the publication of the post, I decided that it was not in line with the sort of writing I wanted to do. While you will find scattered bits of criticism on various topics throughout this blog, I want to try to keep it an overall positive space for discussing things on my mind. From time to time I may have something negative to say on a particular topic, but I will try to at least supply thoughtful commentary and not just be an internet troll.

Oh, and just for those who were curious, the other two games I was planning on including in the series were The Force Unleashed 2 and Homefront.

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