Last year I did an experiment called the Week of Blogging, whereby for a whole week I had to write one post per day and publish it on the same day. This year, I am going to do an experiment called the Month of Writing. The premise is simply that I have to do some amount of writing each day for the entire month of July. I don’t have to post something every day, but I do have to write every day.

Part of the reason for me to write each day but not necessarily post each day is a lesson I learned with the Week of Blogging experiment. At the end of the Week of Blogging I realized that while I liked writing each day, I did not like publishing a post the same day I wrote it. Rereading those posts, I’m ok with how they turned out, but they could have been better. As I stated in my Types of Writers post, (found here) my best work comes when I have time to marinate on it. While I will try to publish a few more posts this month than normal, I will not force myself to publish anything that I do not feel is complete.

With that said, let the Month of Writing begin.

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