In a number of cities, such as Paris, I would go on an all-day sightseeing blitzkriegs. Sight after sight, museum after museum, church after church, tower after tower. It didn’t matter how hungry or tired I was, I just kept going until everything was closed for the day and I couldn’t do any more sightseeing (and even then, I would still be out after dark walking around). There’s a cutscene in the videogame Halo 2 where a character has to make a decision on whether or not to mount a high-risk assault on an enemy position, and after a brief dramatic pause his reply is “we’re going in.” That phrase “we’re going in” would echo in my head throughout those days as I blitzed a city and did as much sightseeing as possible. Early in the day as I approached a museum; we’re going in. The middle of the day as I started up a tower; we’re going in. Late in the day as I notice something nearby on the map that I hadn’t planned on visiting; we’re going in. At night when my feet are killing me but I want to see what the city looks like after dark; we’re going in. And at the end of the day, when I was about to go to bed, I would look at my bed and hear it one last time; we’re going in.

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