I take a lot of photos when I travel. Lot’s of other people do the same, and if you’re observant you’ll notice that different people have different levels of seriousness about their travel photography. While I generally take my photography seriously and think a fair amount about what I’m going to photograph and how to compose the the shot, there are others that take it more seriously than I. And then there are people who take their travel photograph way too seriously. It’s not hard to see them, as they stand out in a crowd. You’ll see some people (normally men) walking around with a fully extended tripod over their shoulder and the camera already attached to it, so it looks like they are always carrying a strange looking staff. When composing photos they also have this visible look of impatience and/or disgust on them, like they are on the cusp of taking the cover photo for National Geographic, but everyone and everything around them is screwing up the shot. I refer to people like this as “pro,” and I mean it purely sarcastically as they are trying to look the part of a professional photographer but are clearly not. Oftentimes when I noticed a pro trying to get a “perfect” shot but being frustrated by whatever he perceived was getting in the way, the thought in my head was “Hey, relax pro, you’ll get your National Geographic cover photo yet.”

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