While on the flight from Paris to Minneapolis last November, I finally saw the movie Frozen. I also for the first time, and in context, heard the whole length of the hit song “Let It Go.” I stopped regularly watching Disney movies sometime when I was a teenager, but I remember many of the songs from those movies, and I can’t deny that Let It Go is an incredibly catchy song that will likely rank among the most popular songs in any Disney movie. Awhile after returning home, I went to Youtube and looked up the song to listen to it again. I quickly found it on one of Disney’s official Youtube channels, but I also noticed that Disney had produce many other versions of the song in various foreign languages. One video that Disney had produced had the song being sung in 25 different languages (not simultaneously, but with a different singer singing different sections of the song). I was quite impressed with this video and noted that Disney had even gone so far as to include both Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish, making a distinction that not everyone knows about. There are even a few sections for languages from smaller ethnic groups, such as Catalan and Flemish. After watching the video it occurred to me that Disney is one of the few entertainment companies with means of producing something like this, and I scrolled down to the comments section to see what other people thought. I mean, this should be the sort of Youtube video that ought to get a lot of positive feedback, right?

Oh, silly me. I had completely forgotten that the Youtube comments section is the internet’s cesspool for hatred and inflammatory remarks. Instead of celebrating the achievement of this video, there were instead a large number of commenters complaining about how their language wasn’t in the video or how terrible a particular section was. This was rather disheartening and I soon closed the tab with the video and moved on. I haven’t revisited the video in some time now, so hopefully the comments section isn’t so abrasive now, but I do wish people could stop complaining for a minute and just appreciate when a person or organization goes through the effort to make something like that video.

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