When I was gathering the word count information I used for a previous post, (found here) I took a look at the audience statistics and was quite surprised by what I found. This blog doesn’t get a ton of views, but it has gotten visitors from some unexpected places. Below is a screenshot I took of the breakdown of lifetime visitors to this blog.

While it also shows the different types of browsers and operating systems used by visitors, my primary interest is the list of pageviews by country. The United States, as expected, holds the number one spot with the vast majority of visitors, but after that comes Russia, which I’ve never visited (I’ve never been to Ireland, Australia, or China either). Just a little further down the list are a number of European countries that I’ve traveled to and written about (France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and at the bottom, Spain). These countries are more understandable, as I know many of the visits were actually the result of me logging into the blog while I was overseas and then viewing it after publishing a post. That said, I know for a fact that I did not visit the blog 17 times when I was in Germany back in 2012, so a few of those views from European countries must be people from there checking out the blog.

Until I had looked at these audience statistics I honestly had no idea that this blog had any international readers. I’m both humbled and flattered to know that there are a small number of people who have read this blog from outside the United States. If any of you international visitors are reading this, I just want to say thank you for visiting and reading. Hopefully you’ve found something here that you enjoy.

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