This is the first of three or four short posts I’ll do, one per week, on some of the general ideas I have for my 2016 Writing Project.

When thinking about the story in my head, one of the first things I’ve considered is the format of the story itself. While it could exist in a more traditional book format, in my mind I’ve always thought of it taking an episodic format – something like you would find in a tv show, web series, or even like what you’d see long ago in magazines where a story is split up across several editions. Along those lines, the story has slowly been emerging as a series of smaller stories that add on to each other and push the plot towards its conclusion. The story also covers a period of several years, which I know books can do, but I think the episodic format better handles the time jumps that I have in mind. Since everything related to this project is still in the embryonic stage, lots of things are still open to change and maybe I’ll end up taking yet another format for the story, but right now episodic is how it looks.

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