Here is the fourth and final entry of a short series of posts on my 2016 writing project. Going forward, I’ll try to do some sort of progress updated every one or two months through the end of the year.

I know how my story begins. I also know how it ends. It’s that giant part in the middle that’s the hardest to construct. On the plus side, since I know where everything is leading I can at least know what direction I need to build the plot in. The plot of my story has undergone major revisions over the preceding years as new ideas have come and some old ones have proven themselves inadequate. There are a few pieces of the storyline that I think I have nailed down at this point, but many more that still need to be worked on substantially. I’ll also need to improve my storytelling in general, so some research into the world’s great storytellers is in order. I know my story is not that great, but hopefully I can write it out and communicate it in a decent fashion.

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