A number of years ago, my generation reached the point where we started yearning to bring back the entertainment properties we loved in our childhoods, but updated with contemporary sensibilities. Television shows in particular are commonly named as candidates for getting remade. While I can understand the desire for these remake, I’m concerned about a trend I’ve heard from people discussing what they want in remakes, which is the desire for the remakes to be very dark and/or hyperviolent. I’m not sure if this desire merely comes from the mistaken belief that such things make a entertainment property superior to those that lack them, or if this a testament to our society’s ever-present desire to push the envelope on what sorts of things are portrayed in entertainment. Since remakes are not something I’m particularly interested in, I’m never part of these conversations, but if I was I would be curious to find out exactly why some people want these reboots to be so gritty.

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