New health fads, cleanses, and diets pop up all the time these days. I have a friend on social media who has a habit of posting these sorts of things, and normally I ignore them, but recently I decided to give one a go. The particular eating habit I tried involves garlic, which is well known for having a number of health benefice. I don’t know if it has a name, so I refer to it as the Garlic Challenge. The basic idea is that you’re to eat a bit of chopped, raw garlic, mixed with honey, each day for a week. You’re supposed to eat the garlic about ten minutes after you chop/crush it and on an empty stomach so it’s not drowned out by other foods in the digestive system. With a bottle of honey already sitting around at my place, all I needed was some raw garlic from the store and the challenge could begin. I followed the rules, and though I didn’t feel noticeably different when the week was over, I did learn three things. First, raw garlic doesn’t taste very good, even when combined with honey. Second, it leaves a nasty aftertaste in my mouth that can last for hours. Third, trying to get rid of that aftertaste with milk or any sort of dairy product is a big mistake.

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