It’s interesting the things our minds retain. Back in my senior year of high school, I participated in my school’s annual Senior Takeover Day, whereby seniors could, with the approval of the instructor, teach a class for a day. I, along with another student, volunteered to take over for one of my school’s math teachers. We taught his AP Calculus class and for lunch he took us both to Quiznos. During lunch we had a long chat, but I only remember two things from it. One was that he told us there was “a lot of nonsense in the world.” The other thing I remember was that he had a single, long nose hair coming out of one of his nostrils. I mentioned the nose hair near the end of our lunch at the other guy with me stated that he too had been distracted by it during the entire conversation. There were probably some great life lessons that the teacher was trying to impart to us during that lunch, but a single, long nose hair is what I remember most.

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