A week ago I went and saw the movie Batman v Superman. I had been interested in seeing it since it was announced, but when it first came out and reviews starting being published my curiosity spiked. Batman v Superman was getting some of the most bipolar reviews I had seen for a movie, with some people loving it and others absolutely hating it. With such a discord of opinions I knew I needed to see the movie for myself, and now here I am adding my thoughts to the cacophony of voices on the internet.

Having seen Batman v Superman, I find myself on the more positive side of the review spectrum. The movie has a few issues, but I still enjoyed watching it. In particular I really liked Ben Affleck’s performance as both Batman and Bruce Wayne, which is a tricky dual-role for an actor to pull off. The movie has plenty of fun action sequences and a genuinely badass moment when Wonder Woman arrives during the final battle. Wonder Woman herself has only a supporting role in the movie, but then again the movie is called Batman v Superman, so that shouldn’t be surprising. As someone with only a basic basic knowledge of Superman lore, I can’t say too much about how he is portrayed in the movie but I didn’t have any problems with it. The one character that could have used a little more work was Lex Luthor, who is a bit unhinged at the start of the movie and by the end is doing his best Joker impersonation. My guess is that the movie is implying that his behavior is tied to him having some sort of communication with or knowledge about Darkseid, but I would have liked a scene or two to give some more development to his degeneracy. Other than Luthor, my one major problem with Batman v Superman is that it’s a little too long. The movie is roughly 2.5 hours in length, and I think about 20 minutes could have been cut out for a tighter experience. Still, even though it probably should have been a little shorter I had a good time watching it.

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