We’re getting close to E3 2016, the annual video games convention held in Los Angeles. That means we’re about to get a bunch of previews for games that will be coming out either this year or in 2017, and in that spirit I thought I’d dedicate this week to highlighting several of the games I’m personally looking forward to. Each day I’ll feature two games and a short description of what they are and why I’m interested in them.

Today features two of gaming’s biggest first-person shooter franchises. Both had reveal trailers that came out not too long ago, which I discussed here.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

I am one of the few people who play Call of Duty games exclusively for their singleplayer campaign. Since the majority of Call of Duty players only play multiplayer, I keep expecting the series to just drop the singleplayer campaign, but year after year they still have it. I guess the singleplayer story gives context to the multiplayer, so maybe that’s why it hasn’t gone away. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s story jumps into the distant future with space battles and interplanetary travel. I’m not expecting anything particularly deep or profound about the story, but as long as the game is fun like the other Call of Duty games I won’t mind. Call of Duty singleplayer campaigns are also normally only about eight or so hours long, making them great for knocking out in a single weekend. Though I won’t get much time out of Infinite Warfare, I expect to enjoy my brief experience with it.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 (which I personally think should have been titled Battlefield 1914) is moving in the opposite direction from Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. While Call of Duty is leaping forward into the future, Battlefield is taking a step back into the past, setting its game in World War 1. I’m curious to see how Battlefield is going to handle things like the trench warfare and poison gas that World War 1 was known for, and how players will react to not having modern technologies at their disposal. The singleplayer campaign for Battlefield 1 will likely be decent, but the Battlefield games are among the very few that I’m actually interested in putting some time into the multiplayer. Even though I’m generally no good at multiplayer, I still find Battlefield’s multiplayer fun to play, so even though I’m getting murdered left and right I enjoy myself partly because I’m doing crazy stuff, like ramming a plane into a tank. I missed out on Battlefield 4’s multiplayer, so hopefully Battlefield 1 will get me back into it.

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