In last Thursday’s post on game review scores I discussed my own personal dislike for them and how I intentionally do not give scores to the games I write on. Shortly after that the thought came into my head about what game score system I would use if for some reason I were forced to do so. Should I somehow be compelled to give scores to games, such as if I had a job in a professional games media outlet, and if I had my choice of which scale to use, my personal pick would be the twenty-point scale. In that system there are twenty possible scores a game can receive, from a score of 0.5 at the bottom end and then going up by units of 0.5 until you reach 10.0 at the top. In my mind the twenty-point scale strikes the right balance between overly broad methods like the five-point and the ten-point scales and the needless minutia of the hundred-point scale.

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