I left a comment on an online forum exactly one time, and I’m pretty sure that I broke one of the sacred rules of comment threads in the process. Years ago I was having trouble with my PlayStation 3 not reading certain game discs. I went online to see if anyone else had insight into this problem, and during my search I came across a comment thread on one of the official PlayStation forums. One person had been having a similar issue, and there had been an exchange between him/her and several other persons about it. The thread didn’t solve my problem, but it did provide me with some pieces of information that eventually led to me properly diagnosing my PlayStation’s issue (it turned out to be that my PlayStation’s Blu-ray reader was going bad). I wanted to thank the person who started the thread for the helpful information, so I added a comment at the bottom to that effect. What I failed to notice, however, was that the thread had not had any activity in about a month, so in adding to it I think I broke the rule about not adding to an inactive comment thread. Whoops. What was worse was that by adding to the thread I had moved it back to active status, and shortly thereafter some internet troll noticed the thread back in the group of active ones and decided to add some artful language to it. At that point I felt like I owed the creator of the thread an apology, but keeping the thread active would probably have just made things worse, so I ignored the new comment and never came back.

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