For a few months now, Facebook has been doing this thing where it shows you photos you uploaded several years ago, and then you’re given the option to share the photo with your friends if you want. I’ve never used this function myself, but I can understand the appeal and I must concede that it’s another clever feature that Facebook has come up with. Seeing those older photos brings back a rush of memories, and since it’s normal to post positive photos to Facebook, those memories are normally good ones. There is one problem, however, with this feature, specifically as it applies to me. Facebook’s photo selection lately has been from my 2012 trip to Europe. While it is nice to look over those photos, the sight of them keeps prompting the question of when I’m going to go again. Seeing as how I don’t currently have the resources needed for another trip, looking at and thinking over these photos is leading to a great deal of depression and frustration on my part. Seriously Facebook, stop reminding me of this!

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