If you’ve worked for any amount of time in the traditional labor force, you’re aware of the concept of being too good at your job. While striving to do your job well is a commendable effort and we should all aspire to it, there is a point where it can start to work against you. When you’re too good at your job, your career hits a dead-end, as your superiors don’t want to promote or transfer you since you’re so good at what you’re currently doing that they believe changing your duties would be a bad move. This is an incredibly frustrating position to be in, and when you’re stuck in there it’s hard to see any good way to get out of it (in a sense it’s sort of like being in the Friend Zone of a relationship). I know this situation all too well, as it was where I found myself at my last job. I was one of the best people on staff at my former company, but I realized this had actually become a liability, because I did my work so well that there was no chance I would ever be moving up. That, along with a number of other factors, was part of the reason I eventually left that company, and the further away I get from my last day of work there, the more I’m convinced in my head that I made the right decision. Being too good at your job is one of those things that really shouldn’t be possible, but sadly is hard reality of our lives.

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