Rush hour brought the normal surge of human activity to downtown. Standing by the railing, he looked down on the river of employees, executives, and other wastes of space that passed underneath him and was disgusted by what he saw. Hypocrites, weaklings, and fools, all of them. He had been surrounded by incompetence and cowardice his entire life. Those too blind to see the world as it really was. Those too stupid to know anything. Those too weak or unwilling to do what needed to be done. But not him. He would not bound by their limitations – their shortsightedness, their impotence, their slave morality. Their world was devoid of purpose, meaning, value, and sanity, but they lived in willful ignorance of these facts. Fine. They can remain in their stupor if they choose, but he had a higher calling in life, and the time was nigh when he would fulfill that calling. He had gotten the message. There was only one thing that mattered in this universe, and soon he would have it again. This time, however, he wouldn’t relinquish it. The same ruthlessness and cognizance of reality that had consistently pushed him ahead of his peers would once again demonstrate his superiority. He was the best, he always had been. The king would reclaim his crown, and while he was at it he would settle the score with the one who had humiliated him all those years ago.

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