He finished his reading and closed his Bible. Though he had read through the scriptures in their entirety several times over during his life, recent events found him rereading them with particular intensity. He had gotten the message. The question before him was whether or not he would respond to it and agree to come back. He hadn’t forgotten what the project was all about and he knew what it would require of him. It was shady, ugly work – the kind he wouldn’t be proud to talk about. Could he do this? His readings were pushing him away from returning, but at the same time he remembered how he had been the only one in the project to voice objections to some of the things they did and had even managed to keep them from going off the deep end into the amoral abyss. He had been salt and light in a rotten, dark place. Perhaps that was his place in the world – the lone upright soul standing against the rising tide of moral decay. If he went back maybe he could do some good and once more be the voice in the wilderness calling the others to a better way. Then again, knowing the people running the project, as well as some of his former teammates, it might be a hopeless cause. Getting involved again would be dangerous, and wading through that much evil was sure to stain him in the process. The hours passed as he weighed both options. Refusing the call would keep him clean but felt like abandoning his associates, while going back could very well destroy him but had the small chance of rescuing others. Wait, maybe there’s a third option. He could go back, and if after awhile he determined it to be a fool’s errand, he could leave again. Ok, yes, that sounded like a good compromise. That’s what he would do.

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