When I finished Diablo 3 at the end of last year, it marked the end of Season 1 of Late to the Party, but I still had some time before my Gamefly account was to be closed, so I took the opportunity to rent again some of the games I played early in Season 1 that I didn’t have gameplay footage from. Maybe this wasn’t the best usage of my time, but I wanted to bring those older commentaries closer into line with the later ones in terms of the media viewable in them, so I put in the time to capture the footage, upload it to Youtube, and add it in on Blogger. Anyone who’s already read these updated commentaries won’t need to reread them, as the words haven’t changed, but if you’re curious to see videos of these games by all means check them out. Below are the four commentaries that have been updated with videos. Clicking on their names will take you to them.

Call of Duty: Ghosts

The Order: 1886

Killzone Shadow Fall

Watch Dogs (this one did have a single video already—I added three more)

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