At the moment I’m in the middle of an experiment that I’ve been meaning to conduct for almost a year now. Since moving to Colorado over a decade ago, I’ve lived within a short driving distance of one of the outlets of the Whole Foods company, but only on rare occasion have I bought anything from them. This has been primarily because of Whole Food’s reputation for being a more expensive place to do your grocery shopping—it’s not jokingly referred to as “Whole Paycheck” for no reason. Still, despite my fiscal aversions to Whole Foods, I’ve been curious to actually try shopping there for a short period of time and seeing if there were any noticeable effects on my health from consuming their products. Originally this experiment was going to be conducted last November, but things got in the way and it wasn’t until last month that I got around to starting it. The experiment parameters state that I must do the vast majority of my food shopping at Whole Foods for a period of four to five weeks. I’m allowed to purchase some extra items from other stores, but my daily diet must be almost entirely constituted of things I buy at Whole Foods. When the four to five week time frame has passed, I am allowed to reassess how I’m feeling and decide if I want to continue shopping at Whole Foods or if I will revert to my old practices.

So far, I haven’t observed much of a change in my bodily health, but my wallet certainly has noticed a difference. There are still two more weeks to go in this experiment, so I can’t make a judgment just yet. When this is over I may give an update on the experiment’s outcome. Afterwards I might start another food experiment I’ve been meaning to try, which would be to buy all my food from Walmart. Doing that immediately after ending the Whole Foods experiment might make for an interesting contrast.

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