Many years ago, I tasted Mountain Dew for the first time, and I thought it was disgusting. After that initial experience I avoided drinking Mountain Dew and had no intentions of ever willingly drinking it again. Mountain Dew and I were enemies. Last month, however, everything changed when I was at a fast food establishment and waiting for my order. Standing before the soda dispenser, I saw that Mountain Dew was one of the available sodas, and I thought to myself that it wouldn’t hurt to try a small sip of it, if nothing else to confirm my longstanding bias against it. A half-second push on the Mountain Dew button dropped a very small dosage of it into my cup, and I took it down with a single gulp. To my surprise, it didn’t taste half bad. I put a little more Mountain Dew into my cup to try it again and make sure I hadn’t suffered a temporary lapse in the function of my taste buds. It still tasted ok. A week or two later I drank some more Mountain Dew with the same results. While not a first pick in my choice of sodas, or even a second or third pick, Mountain Dew had gotten itself off the bad list. I don’t think the chemical formula of Mountain Dew has changed since my first tasting all those years ago, so clearly something happened to me between then and now. Whatever the reason, Mountain Dew and I have made peace.

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