Last month I said that I for the rest of the year I would have to write one post per month with an update on what I’ve done with my writing project. Seeing as how today is the last day of February, I probably should publish an update today in order to keep to that pledge. My job has been keeping me extremely busy this month (in this week alone I’ve already put in more than 30 hours, and it’s not even Wednesday yet) but I can share three small things that have been accomplished.

First, and most significantly, I’ve closed a glaring plot hole that’s bedeviled me for a very long time. There are other plot holes that remain to be resolved, but this one was one of the biggest.

Second, one of the supporting characters that’s been nameless since the beginning of the project finally has a name. It’s nice to have something other than a placeholder to refer to this character by.

Third, I realized I needed to completely rethink a major event from the first story arc. While the way I originally had it wasn’t necessarily bad, it diminished the effect of another major event later on. I think I know how this event is going to be rewritten, but I’ve not typed it out yet.