In my quest to expand my culinary horizons, as well as my waistline, I paid my first, and possibly last, visit to Del Taco. I’m normally not a fan of these faux-Mexican fast food establishments, but I decided I would give Del Taco at least one chance to prove itself. Upon entering Del Taco I looked over the menu and a single item caught my eye—something called the Epic Steak & Potato Burrito. I ordered it (but told them to hold the sour cream) and took it home, and once there I stood in judgment over my latest food adventure. While nowhere near the biggest burrito I’d ever seen, this Del Taco burrito could certainly claim the “epic” title in the sense that it was much larger than the average burrito you’d get at a fast food restaurant. Just staring at it I could tell that it was at least 1,000 calories of who knows what. A large bite into it revealed a veritable cornucopia of things that I probably shouldn’t have been putting into my body. Still, I had paid for this monstrosity, and I wasn’t about to let my investment go to waste. Ripping more chunks out with each bite, I tore into the burrito like a wolf devouring a fresh kill. The taste was decent, though a different sauce would have complimented the other ingredients better. It wasn’t the best thing I’d ever had from similar style fast food restaurants, and it wasn’t the worst either—it just was. Maybe that should be Del Taco’s slogan: “We are what we are. It is what it is.”

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