The existence of the sequel to Destiny has been known for some time now, but near the end of last month developer Bungie finally gave their official confirmation of the exact date that Destiny 2 is coming out this year. As a fan of the original Destiny, I’ve been reading the news about Destiny 2 with great interest and today I’m going to give a brief rundown of part of what’s been revealed about the game and some personal notes on those details.

Destiny 2 is scheduled to launch on September 8th on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with an open beta occurring sometime this summer. As always, it’s highly improbable that I’ll be playing Destiny 2 when it first comes out, though I’ll likely take part in the open beta. If I end up making good on my goal of traveling to Japan this year around mid-September, then there could be an even bigger delay before I rent or purchase Destiny 2.

The story of Destiny 2 will have a much greater focus on the Cabal, which was one of the four enemy factions from the original Destiny. After killing all of the Cabal’s high-ranking officers in various missions in Destiny, it would seem that the Cabal have launched a massive counteroffensive in Destiny 2 and in the reveal trailer we see that they are overrunning the last city on Earth. Hopefully Destiny 2’s storytelling with be more like what we got in The Taken King expansion pack than the barebones presentation in the base version of Destiny.

Related to what’s happening in the story, all weapons, armor, and other gear that players have stored in their vault in Destiny will not be transferring over to Destiny 2. The vault where Guardians store their stuff gets destroyed in the reveal trailer, so there’s an actual story explanation for why none of your old equipment is around for Destiny 2. Some people are understandably upset about not getting to carry over all their cool gear from Destiny, but I personally don’t care too much.

Destiny 2’s first two expansions appear to be centered around the characters Osiris and Rasputin. Osiris was a crazy warlock who disappeared long ago and whose name is attached to one of Destiny’s multiplayer modes. Rasputin is an AI that was created to protect Earth from the first invasion of the Darkness but since then has gone rogue and its true motives and goals are unknown. On one hand I am a little disappointed that Bungie is already revealing DLC months before Destiny 2 comes out, but I also recognize that this is just part of the marketing plan to stir up more interest in the game.

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