A thought crossed my mind the other day. It asked what the oldest thing in my room was. I looked around and saw multiple objects that I’ve had in my possession for many years, but one item in particular caught my attention. Atop my desk is an old Sony digital clock that also serves as an alarm clock and radio. I’m not sure exactly when I first got it, but it’s been in my possession since at least the time I was in Sixth Grade, which was almost twenty years ago. Every weekday morning, from elementary school through high school, I was woken up by the sound of its infernal alarm—a sound that has such a negative connotation in my mind that the mere remembrance of it still inspires rage to this very day (but that said, that clock’s alarm is also probably the most effective way to wake me up, seeing as how it gets me leaping out of bed, seething with anger). I stopped using the clock’s alarm functionality just before starting college when I got a cell phone, but it has remained a faithful timekeeper on my desk and I have no plans of getting rid of it so long as it continues to work. One day either it will finally give up the ghost or I’ll be forced to get rid of it, and when that day comes I’ll be parted with a relic from long ago. Below is a photo of the clock for those curious to see it.

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