Mankind has known that the Earth has a spherical shape for over 2,000 years now, but it’s come to my attention that over the past several years there’s been a small resurgence of persons who believe that the Earth is flat. Flat Earth Theory postulates that the Earth is flat, with what we think of as the North Pole being at the center of the large disc that is Earth, and Antarctica actually being a large ice wall around the edges of the disc that keeps all the water from falling off the edge. Apparently the UN patrols the edge of the Earth to keep anyone from going over it and discovering the truth (I don’t know who they say patrolled the ice wall prior to the creation of the UN in 1945). A Google Image search will reveal some very interesting concept art for what these people think the Earth looks like. Below is one of the images you can find showing the map of the Earth according to Flat Earth Theory.

Flat Earth Theory is one of those ideologies that leaves you scratching your head trying to figure out why anyone would believe it. Unlike other theories, such as the ones about the Moon landing being faked and there being a second shooter at the JFK assassination, Flat Earth Theory ought to be easy for its proponents to prove. All they would need to do would be to go down to the tip of South America, (or South Africa or Australia) charter a private plane, and fly south over Antartica. If they reach the edge of the planet then clearly the Earth is flat and they could bring back footage vindicating their claims. To my knowledge none of the Flat Earth theorists have done this as of yet. Instead they appear to be content in making articles and Youtube videos of dubious scientific value and arguing with people in the comments section. Perhaps most disturbing is how quickly many of them will dismiss any contradictory evidence to Flat Earth Theory. No amount of orbital footage, mathematical calculations, observations of the horizon, knowledge of the laws of physics, or long-distance travel will convince them. The round Earth is a massive conspiracy, and they stand bravely for the truth of a flat Earth. Never mind the fact that a conspiracy of this size would be impossible to maintain. Sadly, thanks to the Internet, this theory is not going away any time soon.

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