Even though I’m not an outdoorsy person, there were a number of outdoorsy things I liked to do when I lived in Boulder. Where I live now has some outdoorsy offerings of its own, but I still miss those things I used to do in Boulder once or twice a month in the warmer seasons. I miss taking a bike ride along the Boulder Creek Path and up a mile or so into the mountains. I miss walking along the Pearl Street Mall when all the flowers are in bloom. I miss climbing Mt Gagazet. I miss going to the Farmers Market, which I know is a really weird thing to miss, seeing as how I never bought anything from it. Thankfully my job is in Boulder, so at least I’m there for some amount of time each week, however when I’m at work I’m stuck at a desk, so I don’t get any actual enjoyment from being in Boulder. At some point in the future I intend to move back to Boulder, and then I’ll actually be able to enjoy the city again. It’s something I look forward to.

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