This past Saturday was supposed to be the day of my first bicycle ride of the year, however I had to postpone it due to a mysterious injury to my right knee that I’m somewhat perplexed as to how it happened. Last week on Wednesday I had finished my normal workout routine and was doing some stretching when I felt a massive shooting pain through my right knee. My workout that day hadn’t been any different than normal, so I can’t isolate exactly what I did to injure it, but injure it I did. The pain was in the muscles that come together at the knee joint, and though I could still walk as normal it was difficult to squat down or bend the knee all the way back. On Thursday and Friday I was back at the gym, though I kept to a gentler workout and stretching routine, and on Saturday and Sunday I abstained from all heavy exercise to give the knee time to heal. As of today it’s feeling better, and should the weather be good next Saturday I’ll try again for the first ride of the year. I finally bought a new helmet, so the only things holding me back are the weather and personal health.

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