While I was in New York City I had a chance to sample some of the various food offerings the city is known for. A lot of it was very good, but I’m not ready to agree with the locals and say that New York City has the best food in the world. In fact, I have a theory about New York City food. I suspect that New Yorkers treat their food similar to the way Californians treat In-N-Out. Growing up in California, I, like most others from that state, was intensely loyal of In-N-Out. It had the best burgers in the whole world, and to even think otherwise was heresy of the highest order. I think New Yorkers suffer from a similar form of food fanaticism and simply can’t get it in their heads that there might be better food somewhere outside their city. New York food is great, just like In-N-Out is great, but to say it’s the best in the world might be a stretch.

Related to this, I didn’t have the opportunity to visit a New York City grocery story, but from what I hear they’re not as good as what we have out here in the West. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I’m inclined to believe it. Especially after living in Boulder for over a decade, I’d pit our best grocery stores against their best grocery stores and be very confident wagering money on our superiority.

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