In several of my writing pieces over the past three years I’ve made reference to a list of my top 20 favorite games of the PlayStation 3/Xbox 360/Nintendo Wii console generation. The list was created back in 2014 and every once in a long while the thought has crossed my mind about revisiting the list and making some changes. Part of the reason I sometimes contemplate revising the list is because I think some of my opinions on certain games on the list have changed since 2014, and the other part being that the list had an artificial constraint that I put on it for the sake of creating a more diverse collection of games. The special rule I created was to only allowed one entry per game series to make the list, and while this did have the intended result of generating a list with lots of different games on it, calling the list my top 20 favorite games of that console generation is somewhat disingenuous since a number of my favorite games from that console generation don’t actually appear on it. For example, of the Uncharted games, only Uncharted 2 is on the list, but if the special rule were removed then Uncharted 3 would also be on the list, and the first Uncharted would have a decent chance of getting on it too.

For better or worse, however, I don’t think a revision of that old list is going to happen—at least not anytime soon. Even with the special rule it’s still a fairly good list of great games from that console generation, and I’m not sure I want to expend the mental energy required to make a thorough evaluation of all the games I played back then to rerank them. The old list stands, and least for now.

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