My old list of my top 20 favorite games of the previous console generation might not be getting updated any time soon, but thinking about it has gotten me interested in a new project—a list of my top 10 favorite games of the current console generation. The PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch generation still has some years left in it, and I haven’t played as many games from this generation as I would like, but I think I’ve played enough to create a top 10 list based on the games I’ve experienced so far. Unlike the old list, the new list definitely will get updated in a year or two and by the end of this console generation it likely will have morphed into a top 20 list. I’m also thinking the special rule of the old list will not be applied to the new list, so no game is in danger of being left off merely because it’s part of a series that’s had multiple entries so far in this console generation. The new list will hopefully be published before the end of this month. Now it’s time to start the long, ugly process of narrowing down the nominees.

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