Amongst all the research and planning I’m doing for my trip to Japan and Korea later this year I’ve been thinking about buying a new camera. I got my current camera back on Christmas in 2011. It’s a point-and-shoot camera and it’s what I took with me on both of my journeys across Europe (along with the camera in my phone). While it’s served me well for the past six and a half years (and dare I say, has taken some darn good photos) for this next overseas journey it feels like it might finally be time to upgrade. The exact type of camera I might buy is undecided as of yet. Mirrorless cameras have caught my eye, with their easier portability than traditional DSLR cameras—a significant plus in my book, given how mobile I tend to be while engaging in photography during travel. Right now the main thing I’m trying to sort out in my mind is whether I’ll buy an entry-level camera or a mid-range camera. An entry-level mirrorless camera, like the Sony a6000 would cost me about $500-$600 plus the cost of an additional lens, while with a mid-range camera I’d be looking at more like $1,300-$1,7000, plus the cost of lenses. I’m not averse to spending the money required for the mid-range camera if I’ll get a lot of years and usage out of it, but it’s really hard to look into the future and see how an investment like this will pan out. Whenever I make my decision I’ll be sure to let you know what I go with.

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