Yesterday I shared the possibility of me purchasing a nicer camera before leaving on my trip to Asia. Another thing that has come to mind as a possible purchase is a PlayStation Vita. I’ve never owned a hand-held gaming system before (unless you count my smartphone) and with a long plane flight and many hours of travel on trains ahead of me, I’m wondering if maybe I should finally invest in a hand-held like the PlayStation Vita. It certainly would help pass the time, however, as I’ve been thinking it over the purchase of a Vita doesn’t seem nearly as likely as the purchase of a new camera. Previous travel experiences have taught me that I posses the inner fortitude to endure long plane flights, and when I’m on a train overseas I normally either read a book I’ve brought along with me or just stare out the window and take in the foreign scenery. Also, when I get back from Asia I don’t see myself using the Vita much, if at all. On the whole, buying a Vita doesn’t seem like a wise move right now. If I traveled a lot by plane then maybe I could justify it, but right now it doesn’t make much sense.

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