I just got home from a very long day at work. Strangely enough, I find myself looking over reviews for the most recent Transformers movie. The consensus on the movie looks pretty negative. Seeing these reviews, I’m simultaneously filled with both despair and hope related to my writing project. The despair comes from the knowledge that a lot of the critiques of this Transformers movie could be leveled at my own story. I’ve known from the start that my story isn’t all that good, and were it turned into some sort of film or TV series I can only imagine the lambasting my story would receive. So then, why do those negative Transformers reviews give me hope? The reason for that is because in spite of those negative reviews, this Transformers movie will likely still make money—maybe not by the boatload but I think it has a decent shot of at least breaking even. Knowing that something can be terrible but still successful gives me hope that maybe, against all odds, there’s an audience out there for my story, and they’d be willing to pay enough money for this writing project to be profitable.

The other thing I find myself doing tonight is rereading the revising those early parts of the story that I’ve outlined so far. Certain events need to be moved and I really need to fill a gap that comes shortly after the opening of the next section. My job has been getting more time-consuming lately, and that together with planning for the trip to Asia has kept my progress on the project to a minimum, but I’ll continue to strive forward, one tiny step at time.

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