Amongst the cacophony of voices surrounding the giant iceberg that broke off from Antartica, there’s a group of persons whom we really need to hear from. I of course am talking about the Flat Earth Theory people. What do they think of it? On one hand, I would think that Flat Earth Theory people should be some of the staunchest supporters of reversing climate change and preventing more giant icebergs from breaking away, because if the ice wall at the edge of the Earth continues to deteriorate then at some point in the future a section of it will collapse and all the water in the oceans will fall off the edge of the earth (which would likely lead to the death of much of the world’s population). On the other hand, maybe they’re ok with the ice wall breaking down, because then they can continually scream “Told ya so!” while the oceans empty into the abyss of whatever is over the edge of the Earth. Somebody contact the Flat Earth Theory people and get a statement on this giant iceberg breaking away and the possible deterioration of the ice wall. We really need to know.

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