Today I will publish the final post on my old website. It is a simple farewell and it directs readers here to continue reading my work. The website will continue to exist for the indefinite future, but its era is officially over.

My old website was You may have known that already from some of the posts I imported onto the website. The name of the old website was El Progreso Del Peregrino, which is Spanish for “the pilgrim’s progress.” It’s a reference both to John Bunyan’s famous book and the feeling I’ve had since college of being a pilgrim on some sort of journey. With the retiring of the old website I like to think that the marathon of life has entered a new stage and that the old pilgrim that was El Progreso Del Peregrino is now resting after nearly six years of journeying. Today Ricardopedia officially takes up the baton and continues the pilgrimage. The new pilgrim still hasn’t officially announced himself to the world—that should happen next week—but his journey is underway and he’s eager to see where the path leads.

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