Shadow the Colossus was one of my favorite games from the PlayStation 2 era and this year we’ve gotten a full-blown remake of the game that just came out on PlayStation 4. I’ve been watching videos comparing how the original game looked compared to the remake and it’s incredible how much the visuals have been improved. Below is a video that IGN recently put out showcasing the difference. Even if you’re not familiar with Shadow of the Colossus or don’t care about video games in general, I think you’ll be impressed by what the game developers have accomplished.

And yes, I will eventually do some sort of writing piece on this remake, though I don’t think it will be part of Late to the Party. Seeing as how this is a remake of a game that I’ve played through multiple times in the past, I’m thinking Shadow of the Colossus will get its own standalone writing piece, sort of like what I did for Uncharted 4 or Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.

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